About us

We are a company, which for 30 years, has imported, assembled and distributed cups, trophies and medals. Our company, develops your ideas, following your needs.

Its normal that matrices, and the forms, remain your property , they will not be used, for other orders of third persons.

At north European scale , we collaborate, with people of countries of the north, but on the level of the production we collaborate, with the companies Stanislav Straka from Hostisovice in Czech Republic, and for manufacturing of medals, plates and figures with the company Vites from Strakonice same country. The two named companies, work with machienes

Of the formal company Euro-Trof of the area of Brescia, in Italy, that was taken over by Virelco companie , and which machinery was sent, after take-over, in Tjech Republic, to the Vitez company in Strakonice.

Transport, between Belgium and Tjech Republic, is made, by personnel transport, from Virelco, . The transport is not very cheap, but is very effcient. For developing, of the models, we have, artists, inventor of models as well a Belgians, as Czeches, as Italians.

During the developing of your trophy, you will be , always able to come to see it, in Aartrijke, or, photos’will be, sent to you, by E-mail. The ‘normal’ orders , for excemple for a tournament of football, will always be, made , assembled and engraved in Aartrijke. Medals, and and large series of trophies, are assembled and packed in Tjéch republic , engravings are made in Aartrijke, to avoid linguistic problems.

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